By Pastor Sunday Akingbelure

Ecclesiastes 4:1 So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter.

The ministry of power is to terminate the tears of life. God shall wipe away your tears. The destiny of men on the face of the earth is at the mercy of power.


You need power because life is a battle. The battle of life is the generator of the tears of life. We “WRESTLE” not against flesh tells us there is a “wrestling” going on in the spiritual. “FIGHT” the good fight of faith tells us there is a “fight”. We do not “WAR” after the flesh tells us there is a “war”!!! Friends, whether you want to be involved or not is irrelevant, the war is on.

If a newborn baby doesn’t cry at birth, it’s not normal. Why is crying the sign of life? The crying of a newborn is the child’s way of announcing to the world that “I have joined the tears of life”. Women go through terrible agony during labor but after she delivers she is filled with joy. The tears of life should stop at birth which is the morning of life. It is not meant to continue to the afternoon and evening of life. The ministry of the battle of life is to ensure that the tears of life continue till the evening of life (to elongate it). There is some type of power on the side of the oppressor. I prophesy to you that EVERY tear that has continued into the afternoon of your life WILL BE DRIED UP TONIGHT!!!


There are certain experiences in life that necessitate tears; The kind of experiences that carry with it bitterness and sorrow. Examples are the following:

Locked destinies: There is a padlock on these destinies. How do you know destinies are locked? When Elisha got to Jericho, the bible tells us that the situation of this land is pleasant but the land is barren! A destiny that is locked has all it takes to succeed but is a failure. It has all it takes to be a star but can’t shine! Everything that is naturally easy for others become hard for this destiny. This destiny may be very beautiful and very elegant but the accomplishments of life has been made a taboo. Life is not easy for a man whose destiny is locked because every accomplishment is with super struggling! But TONIGHT, as we cry to the God of Israel, I prophesy to you that EVERY padlock on any destiny SHALL BE DESTROYED IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!! Every locked destiny will be opened! Whatever has been resisting you making your life unbearable, miserable, and bitter SHALL BE BROKEN!!!

Stopped destinies: These destinies often face situations of hopelessness and helplessness. God brought Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones and asked him if the bones would live again. This was a very difficult question because the bones must’ve been VERY DRY. So to be on the safe side Ezekiel answered God by saying “O Lord, thou knowest”. This was a diplomatic answer because if he had said “No, Lord, I don’t think there is hope for these bones”, it would’ve appeared as if he lacked faith in God. So “O Lord, thou knowest” was the perfect answer! Friends, the destiny of a man on the face of the earth is a book with chapters. Some written by God and some by the devil but God’s chapter is always the final. No matter how hopeless and helpless the situation is, THEY WILL SURRENDER!!! I prophesy to you that new doors will open for you tonight!

Static destinies: The man at the pool of Bethesda was in that situation for thirty eight years (John 5:5-7)! The ministry of the battle of life is to hold a person perpetually in a spot. If people who are young enough to be your children or people who were born when you graduated from college are now your boss because you are not progressing, there will be tears. But tonight, EVERY tear will be wiped away in the mighty name of Jesus!

Robbed destinies: These destinies are robbed of their rightful inheritance in life. The people that have yoke/chains in their lives making the mandate of life a taboo for them. Fishes don’t need to struggle before they can swim. Rivers don’t struggle to flow. Vegetables are tender but the ground breaks open for them to sprout! Certain things in life are creative mandate. But some forces are preventing creative mandate from being fulfilled in many lives! THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE TONIGHT IN TH MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

Wounded destinies: People with these destinies have no soundness in the physiology of their bodies. The woman with the issue of blood carried a terminal incurable disease that refused to respond to medication (Mk. 5:25-34). Derobed destinies: To “derobe” means to render a person naked. People with these destinies are low-rangers in the journey of life even if they are related to the president! The man at the pool of Bethesda said to Jesus “I have no man”. These people have “naked” destinies. There is no self-made man.  When help is not available to you, you remain where you are. Even Jesus Christ needed John the Baptist to announce him.  A person with no one to help is naked, destitude, and derobed and until POWER comes, the flow of tears in these lives will not cease. That POWER is coming upon somebody TONIGHT!!!

It is power that terminates the tears of life. Hannah had been going to Shiloh every year crying but her tears stopped after she used the following three keys:


  1. Aggressive praying: Hannah prayed uncontrollably from the depths of her heart. Friends, what you don’t confront, you don’t conquer. The proof of prayer is results. As long as the result has not come, you have not prayed enough. Don’t stay in the valley of futility. People will see when you’ve prayed enough. Pray hard when it is hard to pray. Satan can weary a person and prevent him/her from praying before answer comes. Prayer is a seed. When a seed is sown it will germinate.
  2. Sacrifice: Hannah backed up her prayer with sacrifice. When she offered to give Samuel back to God, he must’ve sent angels to open her womb immediately! Sacrifice is the strength of your prayer.
  3. Healing tongue: Prophet Eli said to Hannah “The God of Israel grant you your petition”. After that statement, Hannah’s countenance was no longer sad. Friends, every affliction in life is a proof of a sentence in the spiritual realm.
  4. The battle you do not fight, you can’t win. The battle you don’t win, you can’t gather the spoil. If you can’t gather the spoil, it will exploit you. Bartemaeus cast away his garment. Tonight, cast away anything that will prevent you from praying, Brethren PRAY!!!!!


I plead the blood of Jesus. Let the blood of Jesus atone for my sins in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every battle that has signed a lifetime covenant of tears with my destiny, Every battle that was a carry-over from my mother’s life, and every battle that is a carry-over from my father’s life, I am at POWER EXPLOSION conference, DISAPPEAR NOW IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!!

In the MIGHTY name of Jesus, EVERY judgment, condemnation passed against me in the spiritual realm producing tears of sorrow BE REVOKED BY FIRE IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!!

As from today, no more tears of sorrow in my life in the mighty name of Jesus. Any tears shall be tears of joy in the mighty name of Jesus!