At Victory Temple Bowie we have over 40 ministries whose ultimate purpose is fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our ministries are divided into 12 categories: Multimedia, Business Development, Family Life, Magnification/Worship, Prayer, Finance, Church Administration, Marriage, Mission/Outreach, Ministry/Maturity, Guest Relations, and Visitors. To find the ministry you are interested in just read below for more information.

MULTIMEDIA MINISTRY BOOKSHOP/SALES Oversees the sales of CDs and DVDs of sermons preached in the church to the congregation and of guest ministers
MULTIMEDIA MINISTRY SOUND/AUDIO Provides quality, crisp and clear sounds for ALL worship services as well as special
events in the church calendar
MULTIMEDIA MINISTRY VIDEO Creates quality video support for the various worship service and ministries
MULTIMEDIA MINISTRY PHOTOGRAPHY Serves as the eyes of the Church, helping to publicize the different activities of the Church and all the different ministries
MULTIMEDIA MINISTRY VICTORY NETWORK NEWS Presents the church announcements in the form of a news broadcast
FAMILY LIFE CHILDREN Disciples the children to Jesus Christ in a manner that transforms their lives and encourages them to develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer and a solid foundation of Biblical truth
FAMILY LIFE VICTORIOUS WOMEN Ministers to the whole physical, spiritual, mental and emotional of all women in the church
FAMILY LIFE MEN OF VALOR Sets up discipleship programs to include men’s cell groups, prayer and various other spiritual growth initiatives; develops and implements workshops to assist men in becoming spiritually, economically, and financially empowered; increases the number of men working in other ministries within the church
FAMILY LIFE YOUTH – CHOSEN FEW Committed to reaching out to all youths by modelling their spiritually and fostering godly relationships with power that comes from reverence of God
FAMILY LIFE WISDOM Organization of active church members, at least age 50. Encourages fellowship and concern for the senior population of the church. Serves as examples of Christian standards and wisdom to the congregation.
FAMILY LIFE WIDOWS – DORCAS GROUP Supports widows through gifts, prayers, and continued fellowship.
FAMILY LIFE SINGLES Singles’ Ministry is an exciting avenue for all singles looking to uncover their unique purpose in life while offering the opportunity for them to begin to experience it now. The goal is to provide singles with an opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically through monthly meetings.
MAGNIFICATION/WORSHIP CHOIR Music Department, as one body unified in spirit and with a heart of purity, purpose to glorify God, to humbly serve Him in a spirit of excellence as ministers of music, hope, and agape love…to lead others into His divine presence through thanksgiving, praise and worship.
MAGNIFICATION/WORSHIP DRAMA Develops dramatic productions that employ unique arts such as comedy, music, interpretive dance, and dramatic presentations.
MAGNIFICATION/WORSHIP DANCE Uses dance to magnify God through interpretation of sacred music or songs worshipping God through movement to touch lives by His Spirit.
PRAYER PRAYER Touching Heaven, Changing Earth through the power of prayer is our weekly informal time of corporate prayer that takes place on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary.
PRAYER WATCHMEN Prayer groups dedicating to praying for the Pastor and the Church and RCCG World Wide
PRAYER INTERCESSORS Touching Heaven, Changing Earth through the power of prayer is our weekly informal time of corporate prayer.
FINANCE FINANCE Responsible for the finances of the Church which includes record keeping, budget mangement and other expenses
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION EXTENSION SERVICES Assists in the preparation for creating an neat and clean atmosphere for service
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION INTERIOR DÉCOR Responsible for the aesthetics of the Church especially the altar and sanctuary
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION MAINTENANCE Responsible for the maintenance of the Church
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION SECURITY & TRAFFIC Ensures that cars are parked safely and that maximum use is made of available parking space.
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The IT Ministry provides support, guidance, leadership, and empowerment in the area of technology to meet the needs associated with church ministry. The ministry is organized to offer technical solutions, systems, and services in the spirit of excellence in Christ Jesus.
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION TRANSPORTATION This ministry provides transportation for those that do not have a ride. Transportation is provided for conferences and crusades also. We serve the people of God in the most courteous and professional manner. The goal is to provide a responsive service in the Spirit of Excellence.
MARRIAGE MINISTRY MARRIAGE GOD’S WAY Twelve week class required for all persons to be married
MARRIAGE MINISTRY MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT Provides spiritual, recreational and informational activities for married couples to help them achieve a healthy and Christ-centered relationship
MISSION/OUTREACH MASTER’S TOUCH OUTREACH Feeds the homeless who live on the streets of Washington D.C. and bring them to church for the service or any special programs.
MISSION/OUTREACH HOSPITAL/PRISON MINISTRY The Hospital Ministry is a ministry of compassion and love where qualified ministers serve the needs of our church community with pastoral care.
The Prison Ministry provides spiritual and motivational resources, programming and special events that will transform the lives of offenders, former offenders, and their families.
MISSION/OUTREACH/td> MEDICAL The Medical Ministry consists of Health Care Professionals and gifted lay individuals dedicated to promoting Health Awareness, Safety and Health Maintenance in our church and community.The Medical Ministry offers first aid and emergency assistance during regular worship servicesand special events.
MISSION/OUTREACH ATHLETIC MINISTRY Sports Ministry is using athletics and recreation to be a witness for Jesus Christ. We are called by God to cultivate the gifts, abilities, and talents that He bestows (Ephesians 4:16). The court, the field, the track becomes an “altar” for the athlete to offer his or her talent as an expression of worship.
MINISTRY/MATURITY FOUNDATION/BAPTISM Informative 12-week class to equip new members and new believers in establishing a strong biblical foundation and teach good growing conditions for the Christian life. Some of the lessons include, basics of the Christian faith, distinction between devotional reading and Bible study, Christian disciplines and much more.
MINISTRY/MATURITY WORKERS IN TRAINING Informative 12-week Bible discussions-oriented class to equip men and women for ministries, to provide opportunities for development and the identification of one’s gufts, skills and talents through study
MINISTRY/MATURITY WORKERS ADMINISTRATION The Administration is set up to serve each department of the church
MINISTRY/MATURITY SUNDAY SCHOOL To prepare and teach the Sunday School lessons.
GUEST RELATIONS USHERS/GREETERS Provides an atmosphere of welcome so that all who enter will feel the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Extends a service of excellence to the body of Christ that will glorify God.
GUEST RELATIONS INFORMATION CENTER Displays a gracious, friendly attitude in showing guests the church facilities and answering any questions regarding the facilities and direct visitors to classes, nursery, sanctuary, restrooms
Maintains order and decorum in the house of God. They are also charged with the responsibility of waiting on guest ministers and those waiting to see the Pastor after the service
Provides catering services for our guest minister and the congregation when we have large events
VISITORS VISITORS FOLLOW UP Calls people who have visited church services or events to thank them for coming, ask if they have any questions about the church ministries or would like someone from church to visit them, and invite them to return again. Sends a follow up letter to all visitors
This is a monthly program purposed around engaging and rooting new members and new converts into the Christ and Victory Temple by preparing them for excellence in ministry through disciplining. This Team also does follow up visit.