Our Vision

Victory Temple: “The House of Champions”, raises, and fully equips Christians through prayer and righteous living to take communities and cities for God and guides them to positively impact lives and win souls to Christ.


Make heaven by living a holy and righteous life

Take as many people as possible with us to heaven

Provide a House of Prayer for all nations where God manifests His power in all area of our lives: homes, marriages, relationships businesses, careers, finances, health and destinies.

Share the Good news with our communities, encourage them to fellowship with Christ and one another and see the life-transforming power of Christ Jesus work in them, working in them as well.

Teach and encourage believers to discover their God-given gifts and talent for the fulfillment of their destinies, to the glory of God.

Develop and train disciples to reach out and take communities and cities for God in the United States and beyond by establishing new RCCG parishes at home and abroad.

Develop an effective and deeper prayer life that reflect God’s love and transforms our Christian Characters.

Invest in the future of our children by providing a stable learning, loving, caring and conducive environment for their own ultimate growth and development to Christian maturity.

See Men become Masters, Women become Winners and Children become Champions.