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Our Core Values

Service to Other:We are committed to build families, transform communities, reconcile cultures and impact the nations for the glory of God.


Selfless service leads to teamwork and encompasses discipline, self-control and faith in God. It means doing what’s right for God, the church, the congregation and putting these responsibilities above your own interests.


Bear true faith and allegiance to God, the church, the congregation, being faithful to your calling to God, and being merciful.


Recognizing and appreciating the inherent dignity and worth of all people. Where everyone’s ideas are honored, and everyone has a valued voice.


Transparent about our mission, performance, problems, achievements, being good stewards, and truthful in all dealings. Having integrity to do the right thing not because it’s convenient or because we have no choice. We choose the right thing because God expects no less from us.


To be obedient to God. To move in new directions or reassign resources to advance the success of our mission. To make tough decisions about people and programs, especially if they have been in place for some time. To talk honestly about finances and resource management. To develop a new mission direction when the old one no longer serves realistically. To advocate for certain issues that maybe unpopular but promotes the church’s mission.


Carry out the plan of Jesus Christ leading people to God and pass on Godly principles. Servants of Christ never stop serving because of circumstances. They keep doing the will of God no matter what.